Modernising Legacy Applications: Where do we start?

Modernising Legacy Applications: Where do we start?

Sheraton Towers Singapore08 November 2018

event date:
08 November 2018
Ellen Quek
Event location:
Sheraton Towers Singapore,
ASEAN, Singapore

OpenGov is pleased to invite you to be part of a realistic scenario simulation of software applications management and development. Imagine you have IT assets at a hosted environment, and you are required to bring some assets to a new environment. However, you are only given a limited period of time with tight budget to do so. How do you start?

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Who should attend?

  • Chief Data Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Head of Applications
  • Head of IT
  • Application and Infrastructure Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Security Manager

Topics Covered

  • Technical factors and operational risks to be considered when moving IT assets from hosted environment to new environment
  • Ideas to overcome the challenge to move the assets to a new environment effectively and within constraints
  • Ways to decide which assets to move first and the criteria in making the decision to ensure the transition can be conducted within the given time and budget limit
  • Approaches to ensure the management of assets is secured, flexible and compliant to regulations
  • How technical refresh to application modernisation can help you securely deliver, authenticate, and effectively manage applications.
  • Operational factors to be considered in the process of application modernisation

Event Summary


Application modernisation is an important means for organisations to maximise the benefits of existing applications. However, there are hidden complexities in the process of application modernisation.

What are the complexities faced by organisations?

1. Deciding where to start

Overlapping business processes, dependencies across applications and hard-wired integrations are just a few of the reasons why organisations do not know how to start modernising their applications.

2. Measuring the value of existing applications

Most organisations lack the metrics (e.g. license and support contract costs and total application lifecycle cost) to measure the value of existing applications.

3.Lack of collaboration among development teams

Modernisation is all about people, process and technology. It involves everything from mobile technologies to process improvements and finding the right combination of assets to ensure technology matches business agility. The lack of communication across teams and limited documentation make it difficult to identify these applications.

4.Poor alignment between IT and business strategy

It is no longer enough to simply understand technology. The IT department has to be agile and creative as IT systems become more adaptable. Today, the focus is on finding novel and effective ways to solve the big-picture problem. Organisations should look for people with technical expertise and business acumen.

With this in mind, is your organization prepared to face the challenges? Do you have an implementation strategy?



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