Hong Kong’s PolyU launches University Research Facility in Big Data Analytics

Hong Kong’s PolyU launches University Research Facility in Big Data Analytics

According to a recent
press release
, the Hong Kong Polytechnic
(PolyU) recently established the University Research
Facility in Big Data Analytics (UBDA), the first university-wide research
facility in big data analytics among universities in Hong Kong.

Equipped with big data expertise in PolyU and the most
advanced computing infrastructure, UBDA aims to achieve three goals: foster
cross-disciplinary research collaborations in PolyU, establish a strong
partnership with industries on big data analytics applications, and promote big
data education in Hong Kong.

At the opening ceremony of UBDA, PolyU's President Professor
Timothy Tong said, "As a university which moves with the times and caters
for the needs of society, PolyU thus pulled together our expertise in
computing, applied mathematics and information technology to establish UBDA. We
hope we can bring together not only colleagues from different disciplines, but
also external partners in different sectors, to do some joint research."

At the initial stage, UBDA will focus on three major
research areas – Smart City and Smart Internet of Things (IoT), Finance, and
Healthcare. Managed by big data experts from Department of Computing,
Department of Applied Mathematics and representatives from other disciplines,
UBDA will provide consultancy service and technical support to PolyU research
community and industry partners, assisting them to develop innovative solutions
to research problems and application challenges by capitalising on the use of
models, algorithms and platforms for big data analytics and processing.

Currently, UBDA is already involved in collaborative big
data analytics projects within PolyU and with external partners including the Airport
Authority Hong Kong, Hong Kong Police Force, Alibaba, GogoVan, Huawei, and

For instance, UDBA team has been collaborating with Airport
Authority Hong Kong, Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain
Management Enabling Technologies to develop a Big Data-Driven Airport Resource
Management (BigARM) Engine to improve the efficiency and intelligence in
resource management at the airport, including the baggage reclaim carousel

The effort seeks to address the challenge of achieving balanced
usage and efficient allocation of baggage reclaim carousels to handle hundreds
of arrival flights daily. The effectiveness of reclaim carousel allocation is
affected by an array of influencing factors, including actual flight arrival
time, number of arrival bag, ground handling equipment arrival time, apron
traffic condition, bag unloading speed, bag dwell time on reclaim carousel,

The current phase of the project focuses on developing an
intelligent application which can provide allocation recommendations through an
analysis of the various influencing factors at play. The objective is to
enhance the allocation plan and provide supports for real-time dynamic

The Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Dr David
Chung, said the facility will allow researchers at PolyU to “carry out more
forward-looking research projects that will benefit the society and supporting
a vibrant big data innovation ecosystem in Hong Kong”.

On the same day, the University also announced the
establishment of Consortium for Innovation in Big Data and Artificial
Intelligence, which serves as an open platform for industries and organizations
to collaborate with PolyU on research domains of big data analytics and
artificial intelligence, aiming to solve challenging problems and develop
advanced applications.