Our Delegates love our events

The event was very enlightening

Chief Operation Planning
Bureau of Immigration

Great event, would enjoy attending more

This an open window for collaboration. Learnt about the importance of close collaboration with the govt, results to efficiency and quick problem solving

I get to know how govt and other organisations feel about wanting to make things more efficient w/ the help of technology. Great session!

Senior Vice President - Airline Operations
Philippine Airlines

Nice to bring the stakeholders for the informative discussion

Director - Admin & Planning
Cebu Pacific Air

A great opportunity to hear from people from the other side

OIC - Corporate Management Services Department
Manila International Airport Authority

Great interactive presentation and participation

Well organised, good speakers, good discussion format

Vice President for Airport Operations Management Group
Clark International Airport Corporation

Very dynamic discussion

The event is educational and an eye-opener for the government particularly, in coming up with a holistic approach in airport development

Incoming Assistant Secretary, Office of the Undersecretary for Aviation and Airports
Department of Transportation

It's a pleasure to have attended the OpenGov Leadership Forum 2019. It's great to learn from Technology leaders not only from the country but from different parts of the world as well. The gamification is a really effective learning format-style! This forum in all is a good opportunity for networking.

Head, System Development Department
System Government Service Insurance System Department

I am impressed with the organisation of the event from initiation to program proper - including the mechanics of the group work.

It's a multisensory experience that engages you at various levels. You don’t sust get inputs and get the chance to network, you also get to be creative!

Head, Supervisory Data Center
Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas

This forum is very interactive, learned a lot from my teammates/group!

Very organised, wonderful discussion, good speakers, sponsors are not giving product information but educate the participants, overall excellent!

Table discussions are engaging, fostering communication and collaboration among delegates

Chief Science Research Specialist
Department of Science and Technology

My line of work is not only IT, cybersecurity for that matter but the forum is an innovative platform/avenue for professionals like me. While it has been the usual buss word (IoT, Smart-city, cloud computing), practicing it/ implementing it really requires resources (people, infra, finances) and support from the national government, prioritize it because these data is an important resource for our everyday existence.

OIC Office of the Director (Financial and Management Service)
Department of Science and Technology

The forum was absolutely wonderful and informative. The content are related to our work! This event as a whole was excellent!

Division Manager
Insurance Commission

Great forum this year! Great insights which we can use in our organisation

Department Manager, IT Head
Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority

The forum is an avenue where you get to know where we stand in terms of technological advancements and risks of the changing environment. Such assessment is necessary in order for us to understand where we will begin to innovate and change.

Chief Administrative Officer
Department of Justice

It did not disappoint. It broadened my perspectives on the use of technologies to promote public confidence and governance reforms, and citizen's rights to data privacy and security.

The guest speakers are knowledgeable and spontaneous! Each has distinct expertise which make the activity more interesting.

Military Assistant to Chief, MISS
Department of National Defence

I love that the conduct of the forum is balanced with the speaker's insights and the gamifications. That way, the interest of the participants are sustained.

Chief Admin Officer
Governance Commission for GOCCS

I would like to commend the organisers for the very organised event. From registration to getting feedback from the participants. The discussions per table is also much appreciated as it is interactive (because of the small group size)!

Executive Director
Asia Pacific College

It's my third year of attending this event and I have learned a lot from my fellow workers in the government as well as from international speakers, good job!

Assistant Chief, Cyber Security Division
Department of National Defence

As a firt time attendee, I found the event very interesting, with an interactive format and a lot of room/opportunities for networking. I became familiar with basic tech terms and systems which I haven't heard of before.

Deputy Data Protection Officer
Ateneo de Manila University

The Forum provides the best opportunity to enhance knowledge on recent developments in ICT and compliance to standards.

Director - Legal
Bureau of the Treasury

This forum helps leaders to change their perspective and to be number one advocate of digital technology transformation!

Unit Head Manager
Marati Medical Center

OpenGov was a very good format of getting people to discuss digital transformation issues as they go around the room.

It's a pleasure to have attended the OpenGov Leadership Forum 2019. It's great to learn from Technology leaders not only from the country but from different parts of the world as well. The gamification is a really effective learning format-style! This forum in all is a good opportunity for networking.

Head, System Development Department
System Government Service Insurance System Department

Great opportunity to know products that can help organisations in their IT infrastructure. The key learning point for me was government communication and data sharing are important aspects to the growth of the economy.

OIC Mid-Rewards (Computer Programmer II)
Land Transport Office

OpenGov has a very creative way of making the participants contribute to discussions and therefore, ensuring that they learn through the course of the discussions. Congratulations!

It was a great experience attending this event. I liked the innovative way of doing the group discussions. The best feature of this event was the gamification concept!

I was satisfied and excited especially the gamification format. The sharing and gamification were the best features of this event!

Assistant Commissioner
Bureau of Internal Revenue

The organisers had provided us more than we expected. The topics were very interesting.

Head, Data Center Operations
Bureau of the Treasury

It was amazing! My key learning point was, artificial intelligence can be realised. The best feature of this event was the roundtable discussion.

Chief Information Technology Officer
Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board

A new experience for learning! Group discussions and sharing were the best features.

Chairman of the Board
Capitol Medical Centre

The sharing of IT innovations by speakers are wonderful. The forum was well-organised.

Chief Budget and Management Specialist
Department of Budget and Management

The forum was great for meeting people in the field. There were plenty of opportunities for interactions.

I am not an IT person but I am very interested on how ICT can streamline government organization.Interesting program and flow of activities!

Trade Industry Developemnt Specialist, Planning, Head Policy and Planning
Design Center of the Philippines

Refreshing, Motivating, Exciting!

A lot of information gathered from this forum that I can share with any NWPC officers/staff. The best feature were the gamification session.

Chief Planning and Information Division (PID)
National Wages and Productivity Commission

This event allows one to share information about SEC and most of all unleashes a lot of information. Round table discussion on sharing of public information was the best feature of this event!

It is now more engaging with games and various speakers. There is interaction with various sponsor who cater to our needs. The discussions groups are more lively.

Information and Comm. Systems Strategic Planning
Cultural Center of the Philippines

Knowledge shared during this event by our co-members made me realise that technology is a major factor to increase productivity.

Head Coordination Section - Program Evaluation Division
National Water Resources Board

The event provides a learning experience!

Chief Network and Hardware Division
Department of Budget and Management