Singapore gives Study Award to grow talent pool for intellectual property sector

Singapore gives Study Award to grow talent pool for intellectual property sector

to the official
government press release,
Singaporeans interested in advancing their
Intellectual Property (IP) careers can now look forward to the new SkillsFuture
Study Awards for the IP sector.

by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), the new Study Awards
will benefit working professionals who are seeking to acquire or update their
IP skills and knowledge to value-add in the innovation-driven economy.

Study Awards will equip the Singapore’s workforce with essential skills to meet
the increased demand for IP human capital by innovation-driven enterprises and
sectors. These essential skills include knowledge in technology trends,
business data and the relevant legal framework.

priority in developing its IP industry was mentioned in the
Committee of Future Economy (CFE) report
which outlined the importance of
innovation in growing the city-state’s future economy.

to the official announcement, Mr Daren Tang, Chief Executive of IPOS, said his
organisation will “help to build a community of experts who are not only
technically strong in IP knowledge, but also skilled in using it to help
companies drive business growth.”

objective to grow a pool of IP talents is also outlined in the
updated IP Hub Master Plan
. According to the Plan, Singapore is targeting
to expand and grow the size of industry-ready IP professionals to 1,000 in the
next 5 years.

to 60 SkillsFuture Study Awards will be available for the IP sector. Successful
applicants will each receive S$5,000 to defray out-of-pocket expenses
associated with their training courses. The Award is bond-free and can be used
on top of existing Government course fee subsidies such as the SkillsFuture Credit and SkillsFuture Mid-Career
Enhanced Subsidy.

IP jobs are specialised and resilient, the new Study Award will help upskill
mid-career Singaporeans and further their training for a rewarding career in
innovation-driven industries and the knowledge economy.

IP-related courses that are eligible for the Study Award include the Master of
IP and Innovation Management and Graduate Diploma in IP and Innovation
Management (Patent Agency) administered by the Singapore University of Social
Sciences (SUSS), as well as the Master of Science (Intellectual Property
Management) and Graduate Certification in Intellectual Property Law jointly
administered by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and IP Academy
Singapore (IP Academy).

to Mr Kok Kitt-Wai, Executive Director of IP Academy, “enterprises of the
future will see that most of their value being increasingly built around their
intangible assets and IP.”

address the anticipated growing demand from the industry, IP Academy, the
training arm of IPOS, will also introduce new courses and programmes under the
Study Awards. Other than specialised courses and training for IP professionals,
it will offer introductory programmes for working professionals who are
considering making a career switch to IP sector.

Study Award is now open for application until 31 December 2018. Evaluation of
applications is ongoing and on a first-come-first-served basis, until the
awards have been fully given out.

Feature image:  Nick Youngson / CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock