Singapore to roll out pilot Moments of Life (Families) app in June 2018

Singapore to roll out pilot Moments of Life (Families) app in June 2018

Speaking in the Singapore Parliament at the Committee of
Supply 2018, Minister-In-Charge of the Smart Nation Initiative Dr Vivian
Balakrishnan provided
updates of Singapore’s Smart
Nation Strategic National Projects

The Moments
of Life (MOL)
initiative is one of the five strategic projects. It is aimed
at providing personalised and pro-active support to citizens at key junctures
of their lives. By bundling relevant
government services across different agencies to the citizens at key moments of
their lives, the need for them to transact separately with multiple government
agencies will be reduced.

One such key life moment is when parents with newborns or
young children have to adjust their lifestyles or make important decisions for
their children’s well-being. The first MOL initiative that will be implemented
will focus on proactively supporting families with children aged 6 and below by
bundling streamlined services and information.

The pilot MOL (Families) app will be rolled out from June
2018, to support every young child from birth. Families that use the app will
no longer need to approach multiple agencies to physically fill up forms to
complete the procedures. Parents with children aged 6 and below can use this
one-stop, convenient option to seamlessly access the following services:  

  • Online birth
    : This is a new service available for the first time ever. Initially,
    citizens who have their child in the public hospitals, namely the KK Women’s
    and Children’s Hospital, the Singapore General Hospital and the National
    University Hospital can use this service. Parents are still required to collect
    the birth certificate in person. Birth registration will be completed only
    after the birth certificate is collected.
  • Submitting a single
    online form to apply for Baby
    together with the birth registration
    : The Baby Bonus application
    will be processed only after the birth certificate has been collected in
    person, i.e. the birth registration is completed.
  • Searching for and
    indicating interest to be waitlisted for suitable preschool facilities and locating
    Baby Bonus Approved Institutions
    : This will be done through the use of
    geolocation technology, with accompanying information on school fees and
    vacancies. The geolocation capability within the app will be an enhancement
    over the current search functions on Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)
    and Baby Bonus’ webpages respectively. The factsheet explains that vacancy
    information displayed is an indication of estimated waiting time and not
    representative of the actual number of places available at each centre.
    Register Waitlist webform in ECDA can now be pre-populated with data from
    MyInfo. As per the current process, the childcare centres will contact parents
    directly for actual placement of the child. Parents will also be expected to
    contact kindergartens directly for placement.
  • Accessing a child’s
    medical appointments and immunisation records
    :  Parents will have to access Health Hub to make any changes to their

The MOL (Families) app will also serve a one-stop repository
of credible and up-to-date Government content on applicable schemes and
benefits, related general information and events, as well as customised
recommendations. Hence, it will be useful to parents-to-be and caregivers as

At their point of need, users can access information on available
Government schemes and benefits for parents with young children and evidence-based
parenting information.

In the pilot phase, the MOL (Families) app will feature the
applicable services by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), the
Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), the Early Childhood Development
Agency (ECDA), and the Health Promotion Board (HPB).

The app was developed based on insights gathered through
citizen engagement sessions to identify and better understand parents’
challenges and needs at different key moments. The app will be progressively enhanced
and the suite of services and information available on the app expanded, based
on user feedback and suggestions.