South Korea and Singapore ranked 1st and 3rd on Innovation Index

South Korea and Singapore ranked 1st and 3rd on Innovation Index

to Bloomberg,
South Korea and Singapore ranked 1st and 3rd respectively
on 2018 Bloomberg Innovation Index.

The Index
scores countries using seven equally weighted categories, including: (1)
research and development (R&D) spending, (2) manufacturing value-added, (3)
productivity, (4) concentration of high-tech public companies, (5) tertiary
efficiency, (6) researcher concentration, and (7) patent activity. Each country
was then scored on a 0-100 scale based on seven criteria, those that do not
have data in at least 6 criteria were eliminated.

Korea retained her top position on the Index for the 5th consecutive
year. and Sweden retained their 1st and 2nd positions on
the ranking respectively while the US dropped out of the top 10 in the Index
for the first time in the 6 years the gauge has been compiled.

top in tertiary efficiency category, Singapore jumped ahead of European
economies like Germany, Switzerland and Finland into 3rd place on the

the same Bloomberg article, Associate Provost at the Singapore University of
Technology and Design Professor Yeo Kiat Seng commented that “Singapore has
always placed strong focus on educating her populace, especially in STEM
(science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines”. As a holder of
38 patents, Professor Yeo added that the city-state has a “steadfast commitment
to funding R&D and innovation”.

some key Asian economies are also recognised for their effort in innovation. Japan
rose one spot to 6th in the ranking. China also moved up two spots
to 19th with its high proportion new science and engineering
graduates in the labour force and increasing number of patents by home-grown

Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand also made it
into the top fifty innovative economies. However, their rankings all dropped,
with Malaysia now ranked at 26, Hong Kong at 37 and Thailand at 45.