Chris Buxton

Chris Buxton

Chief Digital Officer

Statistics New Zealand


Chris Buxton is Statistics New Zealand’s Chief Digital Officer (CDO), having previously spent 2 years as their Chief Technology Officer. He has a bold vision, to drive his strategy delivering transformational Digital operations and services for the agency and customers, unleashing data to make a real difference. His initiatives include improving service delivery through embracing effective and efficient use of technology; creating new business models for service delivery including XaaS; promoting cloud based solution opportunities to increase user empowerment; promoting cross government federation and big data analytics; and leading strategic initiatives to transform the technology department to be a centre for innovation, flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs. Previous roles have been in the UK and NZ Defence and intelligence communities specialising in cryptography, information assurance and Signals Intelligence. Prior to joining Statistics New Zealand, Chris was the Chief Information Officer with the Government Communications Security Bureau, New Zealand’s foreign intelligence agency. In this role he led the delivery of Big data processing, analytic and visualisation capabilities, as well as national and international digital federation and interoperability.

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