Dr Andy Chun

Dr Andy Chun

Associate Professor

City University of Hong Kong


Dr. Andy Chun is a veteran IT professional with over three decades of innovation experience. He is also an Artificial Intelligence (AI) pioneer and an active advisor to numerous major corporations/organizations on the use of AI for enterprise optimization; enabling them to leverage AI to work more effectively and efficiently, while improving service quality and customer satisfaction. Dr. Chun’s AI work resulted in numerous award-winning systems that improve quality of life and benefit millions of citizens daily.From 2009-2015, he served as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for City University of Hong Kong, a forward-thinking and technology-progressive university that ranks among the world’s top universities. As CIO, Dr. Chun provides strategic IT leadership in transforming the University to achieve its unique vision of a technology-rich environment to nurture 21st century innovative thinkers and leaders. During his tenure, the University received numerous international recognitions for its technology excellence.Dr. Chun holds a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from U of Illinois and has extensive professional, management, and entrepreneurial experience. Named a 2013 Computerworld (US) Premier 100 IT Leader, 2012 HK CIO of the Year, and 2010 China Top 5 CIO.

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