Dr Carina Kemp

Dr Carina Kemp

Chief Information Officer A/g

Geoscience Australia


Dr Kemp is currently the acting Chief Information Officer at Geoscience Australia, with responsibility for providing strategic leadership for setting enterprise ICT directions, architecture and priorities to enable science across the organisation.Dr Kemp has spent the last 5 years at Geoscience Australia leading the development of virtual laboratories and high performance computing to enable geophysical applications for pre-competitive dataset delivery.  Dr Kemp’s 20-year career has focused on the application of innovative technologies for mineral and petroleum exploration. Previous to joining Geoscience Australia Dr Kemp has worked in research, as a consultant and as a company geophysicist. Her enduring interests include Open Data, data analytics,  machine learning, high performance computing ,  communication of science, improving collaboration across science and  information technology disciplines and science organisations, and encouraging leadership and women in science.Dr Kemp holds a number of qualifications including a Doctor of Philosophy from the Universtiy of Sydney  and a Bachelor of Science (Geology and Geophysics) from the University of New South Wales. Dr Kemp has a technical background in geology, physics, mathematics and computer engineering. In her limited spare time, Dr Kemp keeps busy raising three beautiful children

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