Dr. Maria Teresita M. Semana

Dr. Maria Teresita M. Semana

Director and Chief Technology Officer

Commission on Higher Education


                                                                                Dr. Maria Teresita M. Semana is the designated  Chief Information/Technology Officer (CTO) in-charge of the Knowledge  Management Division including the ICT initiatives of the agency involving the  use of ICT in higher education. She is presently working on the implementation  of the Medium Term ICT Harmonization Initiatives for Higher Education  (MITHI-HE) which is intended  to link with the integrated ICT initiatives of the Philippine government and as part of  CHED contribution to the thrust of the present administration in providing  fast and easy access to government services through the use of ICT. Her more than 20 years of  experience was acquired in various ICT fields in the academe, government and  private sectors.                                                                                            

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