Dr. Yan Shengen

Dr. Yan Shengen

Research Director

SenseTime Group Limited


Shengen Yan received his PhD degree from Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Shengen Yan was a Postdoctoral researcher at Multimedia lab in the Chinese University of Hong Kong from Nov. 2015 to Nov. 2017. He was a visiting researcher in North Carolina State University from June. 2013 to Feb. 2014. Currently, he served as the R&D Director of Algorithm Platform department at SenseTime and help SenseTime to build the deep learning supercomputer and distributed training system. Shengen Yan has published about 20 papers in the area of parallel computing and deep learning. He is also the first person (as the first author) who consecutively published 2 papers in PPoPP (world’s top conference in parallel computing) in China. He has served as the PC member or reviewer for several academic conferences or journals. Before Join SenseTime, Shengen Yan is the technique leader of Minwa (world’s largest deep learning supercomputer at that time) project at Baidu Research.

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