Glenn Ashe

Glenn Ashe

Former Government Chief Information Officer

Federal Attorney - General's Department - Canberra, Australia


Glenn has an exceptionally strong background in leading, managing and supporting all aspects of services relating to people, resources, processes and technology. His career and experiences cover the full gamut from corporate, diplomatic service, through to responsibility for complex, diverse and global ICT systems.He has 20 years’ experience in the Australian Public Service in Senior Executive positions, the last seven as Chief Information Officer (CIO).  He held these positions in Geoscience Australia, Department of Resources Energy and Tourism (RET) and finally in Attorney General’s Department (AGD). He served in Iraq as Australia's Consul General from 2004 - 2006His strengths include strong and innovative leadership that delivers  robust, resilient, future focused ICT networks and infrastructureGlenn has demonstrated experience and ability to deliver reliable and strategic ICT services domestically and internationally that is robust, resilient and sustainable through excellent business transformation. He has the ability to deliver change management through short term wins, culture change, organising and implementing plans to make it happenHe possesses excellent financial, human resource management skills including training and career development delivery.Glenn managed an Enterprise Architecture Practice (EAP) in Canberra.

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