Iwan Djuniardi

Iwan Djuniardi

Director of ICT Transformation

Directorate General of Tax, Indonesia


Iwan Djuniardi is the CIO for Directorate General of Tax (DGT) Ministry of Finance of Indonesia. DGT is responsible for collecting national tax revenue. Iwan Djuniardi is responsible for ICT development to support DGT operational.  He and his team have succeeded to develop several e-tax services such as E-Filing, E-Tax Invoice, E-Billing and Mobile Application.  Besides that, he has succeeded to introduce and deploy THE FIRST BIG DATA ANALYTICS among Government Agency.  He also leads DGT to be a winner in Red Hat Acia Pacific Innovation Award 2015. Last but not least, he was awarded as Indonesia Best CIO in SWA Indonesia Best E-Corp Award 2-15, which is the first time for Government Employee, winning this achievement in Indonesia Best E-Corp Award History.

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