Kevin Burns

Chief Information Officer

City of Miami


Kevin Burns is the CIO/Director of Information Technology, City of Miami, Florida  CIO, City of Miami (July 2014 – Present) –Operational budget of $9m, 77 personnel supporting 45 City Departments and 5k employees.  Supporting in excess of 120 applications including homegrown, hybrid, COTs, SaaS and 60 different locations.  Additionally, I have held the following positions while employed by the City of Miami over the past 15 years:  Deputy Chief Information Officer, Information Systems Manager (Fire), Interim Assistant Director, Project Manager (Public Safety), Senior Systems Analyst,   I started my career in the US Army and spent just over 20 years serving in challenging positions with prestigious units such as the 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, NY; 8th US Army, Seoul, Korea; 172nd Infantry Division and US Army Cold Regions Test Center, both in Alaska.  

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