Klaus Felsche

Klaus Felsche

Former Director - Analytics Innovation

Department of Immigration and Border Protection - Canberra, Australia


Mr Felsche has worked extensively with government and industry fora to promote data-driven innovation in governments. He has spoken at conferences and led workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, The Philippines and Australia. Until June 2015 Mr Felsche headed the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s (DIBP) advanced analytics area. This was responsible for developing advanced statistical models to identify potential risk in DIBP’s visa and traveller caseloads. The work supported DIBP’s risk tiering for visas, risk identification in visas and at the border, network analytics development and intelligent trend tracking and forecasting.Working with other Australian Government agencies, Mr Felsche developed Big Data and Big Analytics frameworks and solutions through the Australian Government’s Analytics Centre of Excellence.In July 2015 Mr Felsche left DIBP and founded C21 Directions to promote innovation based on advanced analytics, particularly in government.Mr Felsche has a background in immigration intelligence, compliance and visa operations. He served for three years in Jakarta as the principal integrity officer and, on return, managed DIBP’s onshore and offshore immigration intelligence networks.Before joining Immigration, Mr Felsche served in the Australian Army undertaking operational, training, staff and command positions. Mr Felsche is a graduate of the Universities of Western Australia, New England and New South Wales.

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