Napoleon C. Taas

Napoleon C. Taas

Director & Chief Information Officer

Philippine National Police


Nap has always been at the forefront of the two main challenges that confront every corporation today. In his more than 30 years of government service, Physical security and information communication technology has been his bread and butter. His demonstrated experience working in the field of public safety, major event security, and his vast network of local and foreign security professionals made him the only choice to head the security for the highly successful ASEAN 2017 chairmanship of the Philippines. His leadership, managerial competence, and extensive project management experience allowed him to synchronize the efforts of the 21 involved agencies resulting to ZERO commercial flight cancellations, minimal traffic inconvenience, ZERO untoward incident and all within the budget allocated by government. He is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the country’s premier law enforcement agency, the Philippine National Police, with a demonstrated history of working both in and out of government. A Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) who initiated the establishment of INFO SECURITY POLICIES not to mention the establishment of BCP and DRP for the Philippine National Police and the Public Safety Mutual Benefit Fund Inc. (PSMBFI). The completion of the same would make both institutions compliant with the National Cyber Security Plan of 2022. His foray into the corporate scene in 2013 (concurrent capacity at PSMBFI and Public Safety Savings and Loan Inc.) as either a member of the board or as corporate officer.Selected Accomplishments  A seasoned security officer honed both in the field and in various local and foreign sponsored trainings and exchanges. With vast experience working with security experts from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, Brunei, Australia, India, etc. He was always at the forefront of the planning and implementation of security operations for most of the international events hosted by the Philippines since 1995. As PNP CIO, he pioneered the establishment of the Enterprise Resource Platform that signals the PNP’s departure from the highly inefficient and vulnerable silos. He also drafted the PNP’s Information Assurance Policy making it the only agency in government that is compliant to the National Privacy Act. At the Public Safety Mutual Benefit Fund Inc., Nap pioneered the Business Continuity and disaster recovery plans which saved the P15B company a minimum of P5M for each day that the company’s system is unavailable. His impeccable reputation as an honest and outstanding police officer was the reason for his being chosen as the most qualified to spearhead the PNP Transformation program in 2006. As the Chief of Staff of the PMO and with the help of the United Nations Development Program, Nap conceptualized the objectives and projects that would later serve as the foundation of the PNP’s departure from being the most corrupt agency in government. He figured in two New York Bestsellers (The New Jackals & Breakdown) for his role in the successful arrest and prosecution of AL Qaida terrorists in 1995

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