Peter Reichstädter

Peter Reichstädter

Chief Information Officer

Austrian Parliament


 Peter is CIO of the parliament of Austria. Peter has been developing ICT strategies for the Prime Minister’s office for the past 12 years. Peter Reichstädter works in the Division for the Austrian ICT-Strategy responsible for the elaboration and coordination of the Austrian E-Government strategy within the European Commission initiatives of i2020, ISA program and Digital Agenda. Peter leads the working group coordination of the Platform Digital Austria and the focus working group on Austria’s Interoperability Strategy & Framework. He is a board member of the Austrian Computer Society and head of the working group on E-Government/Interoperability aspects, author of many publications, E-Government lecturer at the Danube-University Kermes, Applied Sciences University FH Joanne, research partner at Vienna’s Technical University and member of different EU-related working groups including OEC.

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