Prof. Zhang Chengqi

Prof. Zhang Chengqi

Distinguished Professor of Information Technology

University Technology of Sydney (UTS)


Distinguished Professor, Chengqi Zhang, has been elected to the Chair of Australian National Committee for Artificial Intelligence since 2005 and the Chair of Local Arrangements Committee of 26th (2017) International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence since 2011. He has also been elected to the Chairman of IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee of Intelligent Informatics (TCII) since June 2014.  He is currently the Executive Director UTS Data Science. Chengqi Zhang obtained a PhD degree from the University of Queensland in October 1991, followed by a Doctor of Science (DSc – Higher Doctorate) from Deakin University in October 2002. All degrees are in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Chengqi Zhang’s key areas of research are Artificial Intelligence and its applications. He has total 314 publications so far which consist of 107 journal papers, 189 conference papers, 4 monographs, and 14 edited books. He has supervised 30 PhD students to completion, and eight are now full Professors. He received NSW State Science and Engineering Award in Engineering and ICT category in 2011 and a UTS Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence in the Leadership category in 2011.

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