Professor Howard H. Yu

Professor Howard H. Yu

Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation

International Institute for Management Development (IMD)


Highly energetic IMD Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation Howard Yu who has just been selected to figure among the Thinkers50 Radar list of the 30 thought leaders most likely to shape the future of how organizations are managed and led. He is  an extremely friendly, dynamic speaker.‍I think you would enjoy speaking with him as one of our most cutting-edge topic speakers lately on "The classic examples coming out of Christensen’s disruptive framework were from technologically intensive, knowledge-intensive, and manufacturing-intensive sectors: the evolution of hard drive disk storage systems, or mini mills disrupting integrated steel mills. Today the pace of change has accelerated to an unprecedented speed. It took the minicomputer about two decades to displace the mainframe. But when we look at the speed with which new entrants such as Airbnb or Netflix displace incumbents, we are talking about five to 10 years at most". He is also launching his book early June 'Leapfrog'  his focus is to show the world how to keep one step ahead of the game in business. His research looks at technological innovation and how companies go about producing it. He has also examined how Western companies, such as GE Aviation, IBM, Novartis and PerkinElmer, are making inroads into China and other emerging markets.

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