Seok Yong Yoon

Seok Yong Yoon

Principal Public Management Specialist (e-Governance)

Asian Development Bank


Mr. Seok-Yong Yoon currently works at Asian Development Bank (ADB) as Principal Public Management Specialist (e-Governance) at ADB’s Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC). He is a focal person for ICTD operations and cooperation matters and also responsible for the management of the e-Asia and Knowledge Partnership Fund.  Mr. Yoon has led number of ICTD and e-Governance projects as project officer, and organized various internal and regional knowledge events for the better use of ICT in ADB’s various sector operations. As a focal person for ICTD and e-Governance, he has coordinated partnership programs with international development organizations, private sector and civil societies. Also, he plays active role to mainstream ICTs in ADB’s sector operations through technical assistances and sector/thematic groups activities

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