Stuart Bartels

Stuart Bartels

A/Assistant Commissioner and Chief Information Officer

Western Australia Police


Stuart was made an Acting Assistant Commissioner and appointed to the role of CIO (acting) in early 2016.He remains in that position at the present time and is responsible for over 140 staff, an operating budget of over $60 million and a capital program with a total asset value of over $200 million. He is also responsible for the alignment and integration of WA Police information systems with national policing systems and is a member of the ACIC (formerly CrimTrac) technology Capability Committee. The translation of these resources into meaningful frontline policing outcomes is Stuart’s core responsibility. As the WA Police CIO Stuart has consolidated the ICT operating model and developed a comprehensive ICT strategy for WA Police centred on three pillars; business continuity, a shift towards ICT consumption and the delivery of a “digital policing” vision. Core activities introduced and overseen by Stuart include a GovNext ICT business case to guide the transition to consumption based services, an ICT Optimisation program that manages and aligns mission critical capital investment, a digital policing vision that places frontline mobility at its core, a communications plan and roadmap, and a series of information and cyber security improvements.

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