Toshiyuki Zamma

Toshiyuki Zamma


International Council for IT in Government Administration


Mr. Zamma has been involved in IT related business for over 20 years. In NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE (NTT), he has worked on large scale system development in the Information System Headquarter and brand new business development in the Multimedia Business Development Division. In 1999, he has transferred to NTT Communications and worked on security and CRM solutions in the Solution Business Department. In May 2002, he joined BearingPoint Japan, responsible for IT strategy of the public sector as a senior manager in the Public Services.In 2003, he was appointed as an Assistant to CIO, Ministry of Finance. He is in charge of Budgeting Bureau and National Tax Agency. In April 2006, he joined Gartner Japan, as a Vice President in Gartner Consulting. And he named a Special Advisor, IT Policy Office, Cabinet Secretariat (Government Program Management Office) by Prime Minister Koizumi. In May 2007, and also he named a member of the Social Insurance Agency’s system modernization committee.In August 2012, he also named an Executive Advisor to Government CIO when Government of Japan named the first government CIO. In 2012, he started to teach in Graduate School of Tokyo University. He has a course in Public Policy Division, “Government Modernization II (Governance of Government Information Systems)”. From 2013, this class becomes joint class with Information Science and Technology Division.

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