Wise Citra Dewi

Wise Citra Dewi

Head of Administrative

Jakarta Smart City Management Unit, Indonesia


Wise's current position is Head of  Administrative Jakarta Smart City Management Unit. The unit works under Communications, Information and Statistics Department of Jakarta Capital City Government. Her unit has accountability to provide updated information about Jakarta and she is managing information through Jakarta's official portals (jakarta.go.id and smartcity.jakarta.go.id). She also succeeded to manage and develop Jakarta Smart City Lounge facility.During her administration, the unit has developed several programs and initiatives such as: Citizen Relation Management to aggregate citizen aspiration through several digital channels, Big Data Project to gather and analyze data to help policy-making, KAKI5JKT to collect information about government-organised street food vendors and share on digital platforms.She started her career on 2011 as part of Communications, Informatics and Public Relations Department, Jakarta Capital City Government. Prior to be Head of  Administrative Jakarta Smart City Management Unit, she has some experience to manage some project related to post and telecommunication.

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