White Papers

We have partnered with reputable technology companies to share specifications, technical findings, and research information. We ask that you provide your contact information and we share this with our partners. This helps connect solutions to problems and also allows us to provide better service.


  • Simplify Your Response to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (PDF)
  • Computational Simulation: The Next Frontier for Better Decision Making (PDF)
  • Working With Images and Videos At Scale: Solutions for Law Enforcement (PDF)
  • 2016 Big Data Maturity Survey (PDF)
  • Driving Predictive Maintenance in a Connected World: IoT-Enabled Predictive Maintenance (PDF)

Kaspersky Lab

  • True Cybersecurity – Finance: is_your mission unbreakable? (PDF)
  • Going beyond Next Gen Security (PDF)
  • Whodunit: The Mystery of the Apt (PDF)
  • Developing a National Response to Cyber Crime: City of London Case Study (PDF)
  • Advanced Threat Defense and Targeted Attack Risk Mitigation (PDF)
  • Cybersecurity for Electric power Infrastructure (PDF)
  • The Threats From Within: How Educating Your Employees on Cybersecurity can Protect Your Company (PDF)
  • A Buyer’s Guide to Investing in Endpoint Detection Response for Enterprise 2017-2018 (PDF)


  • 10 Ways to Transform Big Data into Big Value (eBook) (PDF)
  • 10 Trends for BI – Discover the Future of Data (PDF)
  • 7 Signs You Have Outgrown Excel (PDF)


  • IT Professionals Shed Light on Vulnerability Assessments (PDF)
  • OPM Breach Two Year Anniversary – Tips for Resilient Government Cyber Strategy (PDF)
  • Using Security Metrics to Drive Action (PDF)

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