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CEO Foodpanda
            In times when webinars and online seminars are
          raining everywhere, this one was one of the best ones I
          have participated in. Good content, relevant discussions
          and a very creative format. Thanks Mohit and OpenGov
CEO Foodpanda
Deputy secretary cooperate Regulatory Victoia Police

          I enjoyed myself immensely. The restructuring of the           agenda is brilliant, and the speakers were fantastic. It           always makes me want to be a participant and get to play           all the games!
Deputy secretary cooperate Regulatory Victoia Police
Director and OIC, Information and Communications
          Thank you so much for this experience. There should be           some forum like this for government agencies on a regular           basis, sort of a gut check across the government to see if we           are synchronised on our goals and actions.
Director and OIC, Information and Communications and Exchange Commision

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The key learning points were perspectives as IT Governance structure (business alignment, IT alignment) and key challenges with communication and implementation of IT Governance.

VP, Regional Secured Lending, Digital Bank

An extremely interactive & insightful event

VP, Data Steward (Business Intelligence & Analytics/Strategy & Transformation)

Mohit's session is always stimulating and engaging. For a very few occasions, I'm not checking on my emails through my phone and that's how attractive the session is

VP Group IT (Global Head of IT)

I appreciate the events approach with engaging the delegates through gamification, lots of brainstorming, ideas exchanging and competition surfaces in the room

VP Group IT

Partnership & Collaboration with fintech and providing perspectives in a holistic manner is appreciated - great concept!

VP - Trade & Supply Chain

Wonderfully managed. Sticking to time is very important.

VP - Customer Experience

It's very good sharing sessions. Many valuable information shared. We can take advantage from this for my organisation improvement.

Vice President, Technology Portfolio Management

Excellent Event

Vice President, Risk Management and Corporate Affairs

One of the freat event I attended, a lot of interactions and gained knowledge on different perspectives of people.

Vice President, Risk Control & Governance

Great and Relevant Knowledge sharing

Vice President, Compliance

Well organised event

Vice President, Compliance

Great event! Very informative and thought-provoking. The key learning point was what my other colleagues are challenged with.

Vice President IT Client Lifecycle Management

Excellent learning session from speakers and participants on hybrid cloud opinions. Great sharing by all personnel

Vice President Information Technology

It is a good event to provide a market view of certain topics on technology adoption

Vice President Global Information Security (GIS)

Well organised, good speakers, good discussion format

Vice President for Airport Operations Management Group

Gamification makes cyber security more interesting and challenging. We all enjoyed the event!

Vice President - Global Security Information Officer

A very interesting topic and very engaging participants. The key learning point from this was that cloud adoption is a journey, not a one time solution.

Vice President - Data Steward

Excellent platform to hear views from counter parts in the industry

Vice President - Data Management

Best things are Mohit's energy, diversified audience and precise time maintenance

Vice President - Customer Experience

Extremely useful discussions in the workshop. There is a lot of debate, the hosts have proven to be experts in the field

Vice President

Bubbling conversation! The key learning point for me was the catering to a world of digital natives.

Vice President

The sharing is useful to understand different perspective on an issue from different group of people. The key learning point for me was the common challenges and what to work on in the future.

Vice President

The talks were very innovative. The best feature of this event was the gamification - it was an interesting way of interaction. The key learning point for me at this event was on cybersecurity.

Vice President

Very diversified topics were exciting and the different formats of game and involvement is awesome. Basically OpenGov staffs are wonderful

Vice President

Excellent platform for learning and sharing.The event provided a chance to know what our peers are doing

Vice President

The sharing is useful to understand different perspectives on an issue from different groups of people.

Vice President

This forum helps leaders to change their perspective and to be number one advocate of digital technology transformation!

Unit Head Manager

This event encouraged new way of thinking and showed new way forward for events


I am not an IT person but I am very interested on how ICT can streamline government organization.Interesting program and flow of activities!

Trade Industry Developemnt Specialist, Planning, Head Policy and Planning

Very Informative and interactive. Learning from great people was exceptional. But learning from game was exceptional.

Technical Consultant

Learn lots of things. Great networking event.

Team Leader of HESRI (Higher Education Science Research and Innovation) System Design and Development Department

Very interesting way of learning and understanding the products through gamification

Systems Analyst

The open floor concept for sharing from other organisation is great for shared learning

SVP, Group Strategy and International Management

Valuable discussions with additional views from OpenGov that you won't get in other conferences. Got to learn from other industry players as well as vendors and OpenGov.

SVP Risk & Control

Insightful and well represented audience from different industry

SVP Risk & Control

Good discussion on cloud and the challenges. Good sharing of insight experience by the participants as well.

SM Compliance

Interesting to get deeper perspective of issues of relevance. Good to know how other industry leaders are approaching the challenges and where are we.

Senior VP, Global consumer technology

Well organized and great insights from participants; excellent moderator.

Senior Vice President, Risk Control

very useful insights from a broad spectrum of international participants on how cloud can be implemented.

Senior Vice President, Group Audit

It was interesting to get deeper perspective of leaders of relevance. Good to know how other industry leaders are approaching the challenges and where we are. The open discussion based on voting was very engaging.

Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Technology

Good mediation by Mohit and John as a customer. Other participants made it enjoyable.

Senior Vice President, GCG Core Infrastructure Services

Very engaging and thought provoking, helping you get a new perspective to the problems you are facing.

Senior Vice President- Digital

I get to know how govt and other organisations feel about wanting to make things more efficient w/ the help of technology. Great session!

Senior Vice President - Airline Operations

Well designed interactive format of discussions on topics near and dear to the industry, bringing realisations that we need to reinvent ourselves. The event as a whole was excellent!

Senior Vice President

It was worth coming - every moment a learning and winning experience.

Senior Vice President

Very relevant insight to the challenges the organisation faces! The event as a whole was excellent!

Senior System Analyst

I enjoyed the games set which enable to think what organisation need in different scenarios.

Senior Manager, Risk and Compliance 

Well organised, good, interesting! The best feature was gamifcation!

Senior Manager, Cyber Security and Analytics

This event brings bright minds together to collaborate and find a close alignment on goal of the discussion

Senior Manager, Automation and Digital Technology

Interesting gamified approach to the session that led to insightful discussions

Senior Manager School of Informatics & IT

Good to know the experience of others companies handling data and how to secure the data.

Senior Manager of Engineering and Operations System

This session is very interactive and covers most of the security aspects and different industries

Senior Manager IT

Fantastic event! learn a lot of knowledge sharing

Senior Manager Group IT, Network & infrastructure

A good experience to discuss various cloud topics with the rest of the delegates! The best feature was the facilitators' ability to encourage participation

Senior Manager

Very great event for learning about new technology happening in other countries

Senior Manager

It is a lively interactive seminar without many ideas being exchanged

Senior Manager

Great event organisation, seamless. Great content and conduct of the event. Great facilitator to engage the group and bring out insights

Senior Manager

I can easily relate the topics discussed to today's need in public sector governance digitally. Learnt new technical areas and agencies.Table group discussion. Facilitators are very specialised in trigerring the discussion and encouraging the delegates to share the knowledge of experience.

Senior Manager

It's great! The key learning point for me was AI is the future and hybrid cloud will be a solution to address cost and data security issues. The event as a whole was excellent!

Senior Manager

Gamification moderators are engaging and creative in conducting the session. Panel discussion is useful to share different perspective.

Senior Manager

Good event. Please continue with more events on IT related topics

Senior IT Specialist, Data Management (Assistant Manager)

Eye opening session on cybersecurity, cloud and AI

Senior Head Medical Officer

Great session!

Senior Enterprise Architect

An interesting discussion on challenges of major technological change in governments and organisation!

Senior Director Data Science

It was an interesting event, very lively. The best feature was the gamification!

Senior Director

It was very interactive and informative. It provided an important aspect of awareness for cybersecurity.

Senior Director

This is a very technical and informative session a lot of knowledge sharing on the market from peers

Senior Deputy Manager, Risk Management (Operational Risk)

Great networking, good learning experience and great exchange of feedback

Senior Deputy Director, Finance

Good event overall - thank you!

Senior Data Scientist

It was an interesting event with active participation from audience!

Senior Audit Manager - Technology, Services and Function Unit

Well conducted session by very engaging and experienced presenters/speakers. The best features were the good speakers!

Senior Assistant Director Municipal Services

Got good opportunity to build networking with ICT professionals, and a lot of new knowledge on current issues and technology

Senior Assistant Director ICT

Great opportunity to get latest information in communication technologies, especially cloud infrastructure

Senior Assistant Director

Great opportunity to get latest information in communication technologies, especially on Cloud infrastructure

Senior Assistant Director

It's a good platform to throw out ideas and share other's experience. Also to be updated with current issues and technology development

Senior Assistant Director

The interactive and discussion within the team! The event as a whole was very good!

Senior Assistant Director

It was a fun way to bring across the messages with the games at the tables. The event venue was good and the event as a whole was good too!

Senior Assistant Director

The gamification sessions were useful and fun.

Senior Assistant Director

Great and unlike your usual conference! The best feature was the interactive gamification discussion!

Senior Assistant Director

Eugene’s fraud and anomaly detection course is extremely valuable for anyone wishing to learn more about fraud detection using analytical techniques. Eugene’s ability to cater and tailor the course for all levels of experience is fantastic and much appreciated.

Senior Analyst

It was a fun experience, where I learnt how challenging managing cyber security remains. The continued emphasis on balancing presentation and hands on interactive session were the best features of the forum.

Senior Advisor

The key learning point was listening to other views around the room. The best feature was the event!

Senior Adviser

OpenGov events are always of the best where I get new perspectives on the topics discussed. This time too, I've got new perspectives in particular john's presentation.

Risk Control & Governance Manager

Great inputs from participants. Facilitator is excellent

Risk and Compliance SME

Very fun and interactive event, Gamification is great


Great event! Most interactive event I have attended! The key learning point was AI, KYC and cloud. The best feature was the discussion.

Regional Head of Solution Delivery

Effective use of gamification in bringing out the perspective from diverse industries and backgrounds contributed towards a fulfilling and enriching learning experience

Regional Head IT SEA

Very interstic topics, experienced participants and insightful discrimination. The key takeaway were the benefit of cloud information, the challenges and the ways to overcome them

Regional Head – Trade BCU

It was a very interactive session with active participation. Questions raised were topical, challenging and thought provoking. There were interesting inputs from the participants.

Regional Head - Trade Finance Business Control

Well organised, engaging and interesting sharing! The key learning points for me were the priorities in digital transformation.

Project Executive

Very well organised, informative

Program Director, PhD in eLearning Methodology

The technology is sharing in the forum is exciting. Topics are diverse and wide range also. The beast feature of this event were the panel discussions!

Program Director (AI) @ PIE, Senior Manager @ TL

Very interactive and lively event

Program Director

The event was very well organized. The speakers were excellent and provided very good insights.

Program Director

A very interactive session with some great insights into the future of banking. The key learning point for me at this event was cultural change is key to enablement.

Product Manager, Payments

The key learning points for me are the highlight of next steps and the future. The best feature of this event is the gamification. This event as a whole was excellent!

Principal Lecturer

It was a very good event on the whole. Interactive sessions enabled better discussions and dissemination of experience and knowledge

Principal Assistant Director IT

This event provided great insights on data and cloud future and its path. I am happy to say this is a good event to have.

Principal Assistant Director

This event provided great insights on data and Cloud future and its future direction. I am happy to say that this is a good event to attend

Principal Assistant Director

Great event, would enjoy attending more

President and CEO

This event helps me to learn more about digital transformation of government sector.

Plan and Policy Analyst, Senior Professional Level

Engaging, interactive discussions. The best feature of this event is the interesting discussions.

Operations Director

Very good and fast paced seminar and at the same time, gained new insights on data storage

Operation & IT Director

Very good and active seminar. At the same time, I gained new insight into data storage.

Operation & IT Director

I think this event is awesome for improving my knowledge.

OIC, Data Processing in Monitoring, Analysism and Reporting of Cyber Operation

My line of work is not only IT, cybersecurity for that matter but the forum is an innovative platform/avenue for professionals like me. While it has been the usual buss word (IoT, Smart-city, cloud computing), practicing it/ implementing it really requires resources (people, infra, finances) and support from the national government, prioritize it because these data is an important resource for our everyday existence.

OIC Office of the Director (Financial and Management Service)

Great opportunity to know products that can help organisations in their IT infrastructure. The key learning point for me was government communication and data sharing are important aspects to the growth of the economy.

OIC Mid-Rewards (Computer Programmer II)

A great opportunity to hear from people from the other side

OIC - Corporate Management Services Department

The guest speakers are knowledgeable and spontaneous! Each has distinct expertise which make the activity more interesting.

Military Assistant to Chief, MISS

It is a fun morning that can many insight from other professionals!

Market Intelligence Specialist

Excellent format in hearing views form vendors/peers through gamification

Managing Director Head- Ecosystem Credit Process

A very stimulating session! As a baby boomer, the need to keep track of progress was the key learning at this event.

Managing Director

Really enjoyable event where discussion was extremely interesting with views from across the transport sector! The key learning point for me was how others using data to enhance their decision-making.

Managing Director

Like the interactive sessions. Great way to get everyone to be involved!

Managing Director

Quite interactive, engaging & interesting event

Managing Director

A great event and workshop for industry folks to learn from one another

Manager, Strategy & Innovation

This event let people to share the requirement and opinions to vendor to prepare the service and products.

Manager of Financial Accounting and Budgeting

very nice event and nicely organized keep it up

Manager IT Operations

Great sharing and exchange of ideas. OpenGov's platform is engaging & open possibilities as industry veterans share their thoughts and views! The key learning point for me was to find ways to leverage your data, consider your data journey.

Manager Changi Airport Consultants

Great course delivering new perspective on how we see our data to support the business

Manager - Data Management

Great learning and sharing opportunity! The best features of this event were the discussions and debates.


Spot on! Topics hit the mark! There was a diversity of speakers and great presentations.

Knowledge Management Coordinator

Great event. I can meet other government officials, share about digital government, and I get more knowledge and updates on the digital framework to improve the digital system in our department

IT Staff

This event is a lot of fun, different from other events

IT Specialist System Improvement

The technical explanation from the speaker is very good and clear

IT Specialist (Line Call)

Very good event: Menambah wawasan kami dan dapat diterapkan dalam pekerjaan sehari hari

IT Specialist

Event is well organised. The key learning point for me were the different angles & views of cyber security from different industries.

IT Security Manager

Great simulation exercise that covers realistic scenarios.

IT Security Lead

It was an amazing event to open the eyes on AI in government agencies

IT Projects Head

Nice and informative event

IT Operation Head

It's a really helpful event. I learnt lots of insights from different industries. And I got to know what we have to focus in the next 1-2 years for digital transformation.

IT Manager - Robotics Process Automation

It is a challenging and exciting workshop to learn how to deal with lots of data

IT Manager

Very good learning experience where we can learn from experts from different industry and job function, which opens up to different way of looking at the same topic or issue!

IT Director, APAC

Its awesome and amazing to have the chance to attend!

IT Associate

Very insightful on today's trends and misconceptions of what were aware and doing to enforcing security today

IT Assistant Manager, Enterprise Systems

This event is useful to gain knowledge as well as learn new things

IT Analytic, Data Warehouse & Bankwide Rep Head

2nd year joining this event. Learning a lot from the event. Gaining insight from other industrial on the same topics

Information Technology Director

The game topic is real practical and that was the best feature!

Information System Manager

I would like to attend such event in the future and do a similar exercise with my group companies.

Information Security Manager

It is now more engaging with games and various speakers. There is interaction with various sponsor who cater to our needs. The discussions groups are more lively.

Information and Comm. Systems Strategic Planning

The event is educational and an eye-opener for the government particularly, in coming up with a holistic approach in airport development

Incoming Assistant Secretary, Office of the Undersecretary for Aviation and Airports

Very organised, wonderful discussion, good speakers, sponsors are not giving product information but educate the participants, overall excellent!

ICT Director

Programme was well structured and interactive, allows participants to think and discuss on very real situations. The key learning points for me were the challenges that the agencies face (through polls), which reflects all the pain that is causing obstacles in improvement.

Hospital Management Executive

Great Organisation. Stimulating, table discussions with like-minded delegates and sponsors. The event as a whole was excellent!


This was an interesting conversation to understand the different perspectives from different participants. Cloud is more than cost savers; while I understood this reason, good to have a consensus. Banks and financial institutions are in denial about cloud adoption

Head, TD, Solution Design and Tool Engineering

It's a pleasure to have attended the OpenGov Leadership Forum 2019. It's great to learn from Technology leaders not only from the country but from different parts of the world as well. The gamification is a really effective learning format-style! This forum in all is a good opportunity for networking.

Head, System Development Department

It's a pleasure to have attended the OpenGov Leadership Forum 2019. It's great to learn from Technology leaders not only from the country but from different parts of the world as well. The gamification is a really effective learning format-style! This forum in all is a good opportunity for networking.

Head, System Development Department

It's a multisensory experience that engages you at various levels. You don’t sust get inputs and get the chance to network, you also get to be creative!

Head, Supervisory Data Center

Interesting event with great lineup of speaker and sessions

Head, Services & Digital Economy

The organisers had provided us more than we expected. The topics were very interesting.

Head, Data Center Operations


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